[Review] Falling to Pieces

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Title: Falling to Pieces

Author: Jamie Canosa

Published: April 16, 2014

Genre: Young Adult/New Adult

Source: Purchased through Kindle Unlimited

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Suffering the bitter tongues of her alcoholic mother and cruel boyfriend, Jade struggles just to look at herself in the mirror. She hates her life, her insecurities, her ineptitudes, but most of all . . . Jade hates herself. She wants nothing more than to disappear, and everyone seems happy to let her. Until Kiernan Parks moves back into town.

Jade’s been crushing on him ever since kindergarten, when his family moved away. But now he’s back, and looking better than ever.
Hiding is a way of life for Jade, but Kiernan insists on uncovering the real girl he sees trapped inside her. On drawing her out of her shell, and showing her that she is someone worthy of love.

Together, they fight back the darkness she’s living in. But when they finally step into the light, will the secret Kiernan’s been trying to keep buried destroy Jade, once and for all?

For some people, happy endings are a fairytale.
Possible spoilers ahead.

Please excuse the impending rants and know that I'm writing this review with tears still in my eyes... Oh, and the fact that my eyes are sore and I've got a headache from crying.

Falling to Pieces happens to be my favorite book outside of my normal YA Fantasy genre. Several reasons to include why are the following: The main character's personality and way of life is much like that of my own. The more I read through this book, the more I felt as if the author was stalking my life for her own muse. Much like the character, I strive to do everything I can to make other people happy, even if that means to put aside how I feel. She and I both felt unloved and uncared for (though my mother is not like the mother in this book).

What I really liked about the writing style, was the fact that, again, much like me, the character hears things differently than how they are said to them. This is signified in italics (see below for an excerpt to describe what I'm getting at):

I stood there for several long moments that bordered on eternity, staring down at it, terrified to lift my eyes and face my teammates. Could I be a bigger loser? Finally, Jeff--one of Doug's football teammates--stepped in, scooping up the ball and tossing it to the other side.
"Nice try."
Why don't you do us all a favor and play for the other team?
Another reason I started to believe the author was stalking my life was that Kiernan's brother, Cal, calls Jade, Angel. My boyfriend calls me Angel, and I've had people tell me I was one and provide the same explanation Cal gave to Jade when she asked him why he called her that.
"As far as I can see, nothing about your life is easy, at all. And yet here you are."
All in all, the book basically made me love it, slapped me, pushed me down, spit on me and watched me curl up in a ball and cry. You want to know what happened when I reached the end? I sat on the edge of my bed with my hands in my head and wept like a little baby. I then proceeded to take my ass downstairs to my mother and wailed loudly about how I never read a book that could make me cry like this, and how I can't read another book like it for some time if I wanted to keep my sanity. Basically, if you loved The Fault in our Stars, read this... Seriously. Read it. Love it. Cry.

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