[Review] The Decaying Empire

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Title: The Decaying Empire

Series: The Vanishing Girl #2

Author: Laura Thalassa

Published: April 21, 2015

Genre: Young Adult, Sci-fi, Fantasy

Source: Purchased through Kindle Unlimited

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When eighteen-year-old teleporter Ember Pierce wakes up in a Los Angeles hospital, she remembers only the basics: she’s been trained by the government as a spy, she’s sent on dangerous missions, and her last assignment—the one that landed her in the hospital—was a setup.

Caden Hawthorne has spent the past ten months of his life grieving Ember’s death. So when she shows up in his room like an apparition, he can’t believe his eyes. But this Ember is different. Her hair is longer, her skin is paler, her gaze is haunted. She tells him what he’s already begun to suspect: someone he trusted betrayed her.

Now, uncertain who is friend and who is foe, Ember and Caden face the toughest mission of their lives—to stay together and survive, as they run from danger toward an unknown future.
One word: MORE. Seriously, I need more. This wasn't enough.

Just like The Vanishing Girl, I had a really hard time putting down this book. Ms. Thalassa does a wonderful job keeping you hooked from the very first page. I started reading this at work, and once work ended, I was forced to run to Chipotle for my family. I ordered online purposely for the wait and sat in my car reading it until I had to go inside and get the food. Once I got home, I put the food down and ran right back out to my car, and went to Barnes & Noble where I sat in my car in the parking lot to finish it. I seriously did not want to be disturbed, knowing I'd snap at anyone at home who tried to tear me away.

The plot is just amazing, and the story was engaging as hell. I find this to be a wonderful and original story (regardless of what some people may think). The character arc and development is great, making it easy for you to connect. This helps with making the characters believable (and that's what makes a good book)! By the by, I really really REALLY love the relationship between Ember and Caden. It's a realistic relationship, rather than the constant happy-go-lucky relationship with no problems between the couple.

With a gripping plot and story, I strongly suggest reading The Decaying Empire to those who loved The Vanishing Girl, or even just liked it. For those who have yet to read any, definitely, check out The Vanishing Girl -- the author is a wonderful writer!

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