[Review] Empath

Friday, May 15, 2015

Title: Empath

Series: The Flawed #1

Author: Becca J. Campbell

Published: August 16, 2013

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Supernatural

Source: Purchased for free on Kindle

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Supernatural empathy isn’t a gift, it’s a curse. Anywhere she goes, Jade’s emotions are replaced by those of the people around her. Jade grew up in a suburb of Colorado Springs, protected from other people by her parents. Now she faces college—and the world—with nothing to shield her from unwanted feelings.

When Cam, a classmate with a major crush on her, unintentionally hijacks her emotions, Jade struggles to keep from being carried away in feelings of attraction. When Ethan, a psychopath with a thirst for fear, fixates on her, the emotional impact could be lethal.

Caught in a deadly trap, Jade must untangle the emotions and find a way to use her empathic curse to overcome this killer or be overcome by him.
Empath is the first installment of The Flawed series. It was an enjoyable story about people with special abilities that aren't to the extreme of most books these days. The characters in the book are human with, what Jade calls, "a handicap." Jade, the main character, is an Empath -- someone who can pick up on the emotions of people around her. That is one thing that really drew me to read the book. My mom is an Empath, and I took that part of her, too, so it was great to finally read a story with a character like that. However, her Empath abilities or.. her "curse" makes it near impossible to be able to witness her own emotions. The emotions of whoever she is feeling them come from tend to consume her and push her own feelings out of the way.

Something I really loved about the book is the short verses of other character perspectives, including Ethan, and his sick, twisted mind. It's refreshing to be able to see the thought process of the villain in a story. This is a huge plus in my book. Though there was no real "wow" factor (as I always refer to it as...) to give it a full 5 out of 5, it was still a great read, especially if you're looking for something truly different to read.

This was my first book with Empaths, I'm looking forward to finding more!

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