[Review] Ratha's Creature

Friday, May 22, 2015

Title: Ratha's Creature

Series: The Named #1

Author: Clare Bell

Published: July 19, 2007

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Animal Fiction

Source: Purchased via Kindle Unlimited

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Ratha and her clan are the Named, a band of intelligent wild cats whose society is based on herding deer. The Named have laws, language, traditions, and leaders. They also have enemies. The predatory raiders of the un-Named are driving them close to the edge of survival. Then Ratha, a mere yearling, discovers what she calls the red tongue: Fire. Her new weapon gives the Named a new defense, but it also rouses the ire of Meoran, the tyrannical clan leader. Soon Ratha finds herself in exile among the un-Named, but determined to survive.
Ratha's Creature was a great read, and truly different. I don't find many books where the main character is full-blown animal (aka, no shape-shifting abilities), and it brought me back to the time when I used to roleplay as a wolf. Upon first getting this book, I wondered what the "creature" part of the title meant, and during the part it was revealed, I had to remind myself that we're in the mind of an animal who has never seen the likes of what Ratha encounters, which only makes sense! It was actually very refreshing to step outside my boundary and read something so... "innocent." It made me think about how animals might refer other things that we know of.

The story itself was detailed with a great, engaging plot with the perfect set-ups to make you feel emotionally attached to Ratha, the main character. In times she felt frustrated, I found myself frustrated and wanting to help her, ending up defeated when I had to remind myself that this wasn't truly playing out in front of me.

This book was certainly a simple read, but it was enjoyable and fun to get myself lost in. I personally can't wait to read the next book in the series! <3

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