[Review] After and Again

Monday, June 15, 2015

Title: After and Again

Author: Michael A. McLellan

Published: October 9, 2014

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: Copy provided by the author.

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Centuries after a cataclysmic event drastically changed the world, fifteen-year-old Zack McQueen stumbles upon a cave filled with relics from a nearly forgotten era. Relics that could both reshape his destiny and forever change the future for all living things. Returning home, he finds his town in ruins and his loved ones missing. Vowing to find them, he embarks on an epic journey of danger, love, and self-discovery that will take him to places that he’d never imagined possible.
After and Again is a great story, but it started off super slow. I pushed through it because I wanted to see what the author had in store for his readers. When the main character, Zack, finds the recorder and listens to it, everything started dragging because there was a lot of dialogue. I started to ask myself if all of it was even necessary, and I even skipped a few paragraphs to finally get back into the story.

As for the characters themselves, I didn't feel connected to any of them, which proved to be a flaw because I felt no emotion for any of them, no sadness, happiness.. nothing. With that said, Zack's declaration of love to Emily caused an epic eye roll. I felt like the whole "love" situation didn't seem to fit right as if something was off. It seemed way too sudden and forced on the reader.

What really made me want to read this book was the wolf on the cover. I'm a huge wolf lover and therefore, anything with wolves in it, will pique my interest. What I didn't like about the wolf is how he became more and more dog-like. Though dogs are known to descend from their wolf ancestors, wolves don't actually behave like dogs. At all. For example, what irritated me was when the author said that the wolf barked. Wolves don't bark in the traditional dog sense, so unless he meant otherwise, bark to me, means dog bark, and that's not okay with me. If you're going to put in an animal as a companion, I'd hope the authors do their research as to how that animal reacts/communicates.

I have to say that I was pretty close to putting down the book for good before I even finished it, but I trudged on, and I'm glad I did. The story got better the more it progressed, and the ending was okay -- not the best, but still enough to make me interested in finding out what happens in the next book. I'm hoping the next one will be better!

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