[Review] From a Distant Star

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Title: From a Distant Star

Author: Karen McQuestion

Published: May 19, 2015

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction

Source: Free copy via NetGalley.

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Seventeen-year-old Emma was the only one who hadn’t given up on her boyfriend, Lucas. Everyone else—his family, his friends, his doctors—was convinced that any moment could be his last. So when Lucas miraculously returns from the brink of death, Emma thinks her prayers have been answered.

As the surprised town rejoices, Emma begins to question whether Lucas is the same boy she’s always known. When she finds an unidentifiable object on his family’s farm—and government agents come to claim it—she begins to suspect that nothing is what it seems. Emma’s out-of-this-world discovery may be the key to setting things right, but only if she and Lucas can evade the agents who are after what they have. With all her hopes and dreams on the line, Emma sets out to save the boy she loves. And with a little help from a distant star, she might just have a chance at making those dreams come true.
From a Distant Star is a type of genre I'm still just getting familiar with. I'm not one to read much about aliens (it's scary to think that there might actually be other life elsewhere that we know absolutely nothing about -- also that it's practically inevitable that we may come in contact with them if we haven't already).

I have to be completely honest, at first, I wanted to give this book a 3-star rating because of some key flaws that were close to turning me off from the book. At first, I thought it refreshing that the story started out with the main character, Emma, already in a relationship rather than building up to it, or throwing in the gag-worthy "insta-love" (though, the backstory suggested there was as much). However, going forward, I started to feel as if the lack of knowing more of the back story and feeling/witnessing it for myself, became a bit of a problem. The problem for me was the fact that I felt there was no connection to the characters, thus providing no emotion. I wasn't hung up on the fact that Lucas was going to die from cancer, leaving Emma all by herself and leaving his family in a wreck. Usually, with such a strong and delicate subject such as cancer, you would feel the emotion... the impending dread and sadness. But, I didn't, and that's the main reason I really wanted to give it 3-gears.

With that set-aside, I do want to say that I really enjoyed and loved the concept, as well as the different character perspectives coming from Emma, Mack, and Scout. I enjoy reading other points of views from specific characters, knowing what they feel, seeing what they think -- especially if it is well done, which, in this case, it was! Though I stated I felt no emotion for the characters, I kept going, and soon found myself completely hooked and turning pages like a madwoman. I am completely satisfied with the way it ended, too!

Would I recommend this? Of course! You like Sci-fi and Young Adult? Go for it. Buy it. Read it! Let me know what you thought.

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