[Review] No True Echo

Monday, June 29, 2015

Title: No True Echo

Author: Gareth P. Jones

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Published: October 13, 2015

Source: Copy provided by Netgalley

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Eddie thinks nothing ever happens in his small, boring town. Every day is exactly the same, down to what the bus driver will say when he picks each kid up in the morning. But then, one day, someone new, and very pretty, walks onto the bus. At least, Eddie thinks she’s new, but there is something oddly familiar about Scarlett. Intrigued (and smitten), Eddie starts to follow Scarlett—and what he discovers is odder still. Scarlett is a Senior Echo Time Agent from the future, come to his town to investigate the origin of time travel, which, unbeknownst to Eddie, was invented right in his hometown, by someone he knew. Soon Eddie is swept up in the investigation and in time. But time travel is a dangerous business, and Eddie will learn more than he wants to know about his long-dead mother.

This psychologically rich thriller redefines the time travel novel for a teen audience.
It's a picture of regret, it can't be finished.
No True Echo is an interesting story about echo-jumping (time travel). The whole premise is wonderful and intriguing enough to keep its readers...well... reading. It started off somewhat slow, but not enough that I felt like I couldn't continue.

The characters are greatly thought out, making them believable and providing a personal connection. The little "relationship" (I use quotations for a reason) between Scarlett and Eddie is really adorable... the playful kind of adorable. I love those types of "relationships."

Mr. Jones does a great job with the concept of the story and the switching of perspectives. Each perspective is seemingly smooth when executed and doesn't take away from the story. Along with that, the book definitely has its moment of humor that left me chuckling to myself.

Just like any discussion, theory, movie, or story regarding anything about time traveling, this book definitely knows how to confuse someone. BUT, let me say that it is confusing in a good way... if that's even possible. It's the good type of confusing because we're mostly Eddie, and everyone keeps telling him to do his best to try not to even understand, which were so happy to oblige. It definitely adds to making you want to read more to see if you'll ever understand.

As the story progressed, things got more and more interesting, making it nearly impossible for me to put down. At this point, I was stuck at some family friend's office while he attempted to download something on my mother's laptop (I was conned with free food). I didn't hear any of their conversations because I was completely sucked into the story.

The ending was both beautiful and satisfying, leaving no remaining questions to be answered (at least for me). I have to say, I really love the saying "echo jump" ... There's just something about it. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something new or are interested in anything time travel. It's a great and entertaining read that keeps you flipping pages until you suddenly realize you're at the end.

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