[Review] Standing

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Title: Standing

Author: China Dennington

Published: August 31, 2014

Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian

Source: Purchased via Kindle Unlimited

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In a future where two tyrants hold the world in an iron grip, humanity is about to meet its doom. An empathic girl from the past is called to action by a group of technologically advanced mermaids.
An apocalypse is coming.

Along with fellow time traveler, Force, she is sent to the future as the last hope for humanity. The stakes are high, the odds against her. Can she overcome her fears and step into her destiny? Can she lead a people to victory who lost hope long ago?
Standing is a mermaid story. I really wanted to like it because... C'mon, what's not to like about mermaids? Unfortunately for me (and my brain), I couldn't even finish it. I actually shelved this book as DNF @ 33% and I only got that far because I really pushed to keep going, hoping it would get better. So let me explain why I didn't finish it and why I rated it 1-star.

The author wrote the story in a way that it felt like she was telling us what it is, rather than describing it to help make us feel things for ourselves. It could have used a LOT more detail.
"The girl had always felt she was meant to do something special, to be an adventurer maybe, or someone who changed the world."
Seriously, give me a break. I get that it's the bare bones of what a lot of books (or all of them) do, but having the character feel that way seems a bit too much. Enough to make my eyes roll into the back of my head in complete grief. That sentence actually made me want to close the book right then and there, but I know better than to just let that be the reason I stop. So I continued and found the redeeming sentence.
"The seventeen-year-old felt wings sprouting in her soul."
As the story progressed, we finally get to the point where the MC is told her "mission." She's fed all of this information that is life-changing, and doesn't bat an eye... just accepts it without questioning. Anyone in their right mind would have all these questions, and most of the time, they'd deny it. I mean, if I was told that I could travel in time, breathe underwater, etc., I'd be denying it even when currently breathing the water.

The MC is empathetic (she can feel other's emotions). Literally, it says she can feel other's emotions in the book. Yet then...
"She could feel Force's heart beating just a little bit faster."
I'm pretty sure that a physical change, much like a heartbeat (unless you're right up against their chest), is not an emotion to be felt, therefore, making that completely invalid and ridiculous.

And the final scene before I wanted to throw my Kindle out of the window... (pssst. Spoiler alert)

I really couldn't finish the book after Force refused to break a fucking egg to save his companion... and when it hatched just in time, no one acted like he was the worst human being ever for choosing a damn egg over his fucking companion. Seriously. What human in their right mind would watch their companion die a slow, painful, and horrible death to save an unhatched egg? Really? So done.

Now please, I understand the author was what, 13 when she wrote this? However, as a book reviewer, I do what needs to be done and spread my thoughts/opinions about books I've read. I give the author complete kudos for writing a novel at such a young age, because not everyone can say that in their life, but I think it could have been soooooo much better. This is supposed to be a trilogy I believe, but, I'm sorry, I won't be reading any of them.

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