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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Title: Last Song Before Night

Author: Ilana C. Myer

Genre: Fantasy

Publishing: September 29, 2015

Source: Copy provided by NetGalley

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Note: This review is for the preview excerpt of the book from NetGalley.

A high fantasy following a young woman's defiance of her culture as she undertakes a dangerous quest to restore her world's lost magic in Ilana C. Myer's Last Song Before Night.

Her name was Kimbralin Amaristoth: sister to a cruel brother, daughter of a hateful family. But that name she has forsworn, and now she is simply Lin, a musician and lyricist of uncommon ability in a land where women are forbidden to answer such callings-a fugitive who must conceal her identity or risk imprisonment and even death.

On the eve of a great festival, Lin learns that an ancient scourge has returned to the land of Eivar, a pandemic both deadly and unnatural. Its resurgence brings with it the memory of an apocalypse that transformed half a continent. Long ago, magic was everywhere, rising from artistic expression-from song, from verse, from stories. But in Eivar, where poets once wove enchantments from their words and harps, the power was lost. Forbidden experiments in blood divination unleashed the plague that is remembered as the Red Death, killing thousands before it was stopped, and Eivar's connection to the Otherworld from which all enchantment flowed, broken.

The Red Death's return can mean only one thing: someone is spilling innocent blood in order to master dark magic. Now poets who thought only to gain fame for their songs face a challenge much greater: galvanized by Valanir Ocune, greatest Seer of the age, Lin and several others set out to reclaim their legacy and reopen the way to the Otherworld-a quest that will test their deepest desires, imperil their lives, and decide the future.
Last Song Before Night is a beautiful tale of music, poetry, and filled with a sense of mystery. The author does an amazing job with the imagery, painting picturesque scenes, and placing their readers right into the world. The writing style is absolutely gorgeous, a style that is hard to come by when you've been reading YA books for a majority of your life. 

Everything about this story was captivating to me. Rather than capturing you with the thrills and action of any YA Fantasy stories I've read, it captures you with its scenes and descriptions, keeping you reading with a sense of awe and wonderment. 

I personally love Lin, she's a wonderful character, and though I cannot connect to her in any other sense than her love for music and singing, I was still able to truly come to know and understand her. The characters are most definitely believable, coming alive within the pages. The world in this book is wonderfully beautiful. I seem to be wanting to use "captivate" a lot more than I'm letting myself. 

In reality, I'm at a loss for words when it comes to talking about how good this book is (at least from the preview). For the most part, I want to just say "screw this review, just buy this damn beautiful book and see for yourself." On Amazon, the Kindle price is $12.99. With this price, I'm usually wary of spending that much on a Kindle book, but don't be deterred from the price. If the rest of the story follows suit with what I've read (I doubt it wouldn't), then it's totally worth it. I feel so honored to have read this and I cannot wait for the rest of it to come out so that I may continue to revel in this alluring story. 

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