[Review] Remember

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Title: Remember

Author: Shannon Dermott

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal

Published: January 7, 2015

Source: Copy provided by NetGalley

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When sixteen year old Charlize finds herself unmistakably lost in the forest with no memory how she got there, it was easy for her to assume the angel face boy who saves her was there to. But little did she know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

With a brush of death, she finds new reasons to live after the unexplained death of her father. Her only regret in last three years was letting the one boy she could have loved get away.

Plunged into a world not of her making, there are those that will hunt her, a foe that calls her Little Queen, and her torn heart. Most of all, she will have to remember and face her memories if she is to survive.
Could his dark clothing allow him just to meld into the darkness?
If you read that quote and felt your IQ drop, making you want to shake whoever asked that question, that was exactly how I felt reading a majority of this book. For those of you who don't get it (how do you not understand?); the darker the clothes you wear, the more you blend into the darkness. Why do you think people committing crimes wear black or dark colors?

I have to say, this was like a fraternal twin of Twilight. Note to you guys reading my review; I hated Twilight. With a passion. ANYWAY, for the next couple of paragraphs, I'll be enlightening everyone on some quotes, along with my thoughts after reading them. I hope you enjoy.
Instead of being afraid, I cursed him for not having manners and rushed to cross the street.
Yeah, because waking up in the middle of the woods, injured, with self-healing wounds, and after a boy appears out of nowhere to 'help' her and suddenly disappears after guiding her home with no directions isn't something to be afraid of. Oh, and the fact that she can now see without her glasses.
I rushed to the door but only after taking a final glance back for the boy who saved me.
Girl, I wouldn't really call that saving at all. He found you in the woods and walked you home. Pretty sure if you didn't spot him there with you, you'd be able to walk your damn self home. That doesn't mean you're saving yourself.
It looks like I saved you again." His voice wasn't as cold as the first time I'd met him. It wasn't friendly either. It held the same bored tone.
What is it with these broody boys that always seem to be bored and lack the necessary emotions to be more attractive? I don't see what's so alluring.
His path stepped into mine. "You should go."
"Um, I don't have a brother," I said glancing around.
Ummmm, no one asked if you had a brother?
"It's Peter." It seemed like an ordinary name for such an extraordinary guy.
Oh. My. God, seriously?
I should have been scared, but I wasn't.
Cause you're a damn idiot for not being scared when anyone in their right mind WOULD be.
One showed a tattoo that resembled a rose that was barely visible on the photo of a hand holing a mic or another with a glimmer of metal in a brow.
Please tell me it wasn't just me that immediately got the connection while the character continued to be a completely infuriatingly ignorant person.


Now that the quotes are done, let's get down to the rest of the review.

Remember is a, as I said in the beginning, a fraternal twin of Twilight. You've got the clueless character, Charlie and you've got the man who's been best friends with the MC for years and in love with her, obviously the better match. Then, you've got the brooder; the one who captures her heart and breaks it simultaneously. Over and over, and it doesn't even phase the MC that the guy is seriously not good for her. I mean, who the hell likes men like that... seriously?

I want to say that any time I see anything with the words "women flocked around him," I roll my eyes so hard I think they'd get stuck in the back of my head. I'm pretty sure in reality, women don't flock towards a good-looking guy as much as they ogle from afar. Us women aren't swarming over guys like hormonally-crazed schoolgirls. Plus, we get the point; the men are hot. They apparently all are.

For the most part, the dialogue between characters were weak. Everything seemed forced and the book lacked necessary edits. There were so many grammatical errors that it made ti even harder to enjoy an "okay" book.

I really feel like the author decided to take every mainstream theme; vampires, werecreatures, angels, and demons, and put them all into one confused story with little explanation of how everything like that can co-exist. It REALLY bothers me more so that some of these characters are called Shifters --  **** turns into a damn bird, but all of a sudden, now they're just wolves and have packs. Please stick to one idea, that way, we can all be happy as the story flows steadier from the consistency.

With all of that said, I really love the fact that the author is writing a female character who takes no shit and fends off people who try to push relationships on her (to a point, unfortunately. *sigh*). HOWEVER, it bothers me to the core that this stalker guy is the one who gets her all hot and bothered. If it was me and a guy found me in the woods, knew where I lived without directions, and keeps showing up randomly, being all mysterious and demanding, he would NOT be anywhere near my "list of people I'd date" as much as he'd be near the top of my "shit list."

The story was plain and a bit too much like Twilight for my taste. Enough that it surprised me that I actually finished it. I do have to say that despite the editing errors or... lack of editing for that matter, the ending was a lot better. Actually, I think the ending was better than the whole damn story. Would I recommend this to people? Sure, if they liked Twilight, I'd say go for it. Would I pick up the next book? Yes, because as much as I had a problem with the majority of the book, the plot still intrigues me enough to find out more. I really hope the next book is a lot better. 

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