[Review] Saving Avery

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Title: Saving Avery

Author: Angela Snyder

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publishing: July 21, 2015

Source: Copy provided by the author.

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Avery Mason had it all: the nice house, the fancy clothes, the expensive cars and the perfect husband. On the outside looking in, her life appears to be perfect. But inside, Avery knows her life is far from perfection as her husband's carefully constructed fa├žade slowly starts to crumble.

Forced to fake a happy marriage while enduring physical and mental abuse from the man who had once been her whole world is taking its toll. And ever so slowly, Avery finds herself slipping into an existence where she is gradually becoming a shell of her former self.

When Dr. Max Harrison transfers from Chicago to North Carolina, his world is flipped upside down the moment he sees Avery. With one glimpse into her blue-gray eyes, he can see the pain she is so desperately hiding from the rest of the world. As Avery attempts to push him away, he becomes convinced that there is more to her than meets the eye. And when he finally uncovers her darkest secret, the pieces of the puzzle slowly start to click into place.

Max and Avery want to be together, but nothing in life is ever that simple. It's not going to be easy to get her away from the powerful Mason family, but Max will risk everything to protect her. His only concern is Saving Avery.
Avery, I'm going to help you. I promise.
I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying. Jerk. *wipes tears, blows nose*

Saving Avery is a heartbreaking, and beautiful story on such a depressing, unforgiving subject of domestic abuse. Not something to read for those who have any sort of triggers pertaining to the subject of abuse and/or suicide, Ms. Snyder takes her readers on an emotional roller coaster of a story in the eyes of Avery and Max. 
She's like a beautiful, rare bird and her husband has clipped her wings. He keeps her steeled away in his gilded case, never allowing her to be free, never allowing others to see her true beauty.
From the very beginning, I found myself crying, and the story was only getting started. It's not unlike me to read something this sensitive of a topic, as I read books about suicide, depression, etc when I can due to personal connections with the situation, but it never ceases to make me feel absolutely every single emotion in a span of a few hours. Each sentence read killed me slowly until I had to take a break before my heart collapsed from the overabundance of emotions. 

Ms. Snyder is a wonderful author with a great talent for moving her readers with her words and storytelling. My heart broke for both Avery and Max, shattered when their worlds came crashing, and for the end. This story was a beautiful disaster, and for me, an eye-opener. I would read this over and over again in a heartbeat. A job well done by a talented author. 

Thank you for providing me a free copy in exchange for this honest review. I feel honored to be one of the first to have read this book ahead of time. 

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