[Review] Angelbound

Monday, August 17, 2015

Title: Angelbound

Series: Angelbound Origins #1

Author: Christina Bauer

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal

Published: November 12, 2013

Source: Copy provided by NetGalley

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Eighteen year old Myla Lewis is a girl who loves two things: kicking ass and kicking ass. She’s not your every day quasi-demon, half-demon and half-human, girl. For the past five years, Myla has lived for the days she gets to fight in Purgatory’s arena. When souls want a trial by combat for their right to enter heaven or hell, they go up against her, and she hasn’t lost a battle yet.

But as she starts her senior year at Purgatory High, the arena fights aren’t enough to keep her spirits up anymore. When the demons start to act weird, even for demons, and the King of the Demons, Armageddon, shows up at Myla’s school, she knows that things are changing and it’s not looking good for the quasi-demons. Myla starts to question everything, and doesn’t like the answers she finds. What happened seventeen years ago that turned the quasi-demons into slave labor? Why was her mom always so sad? And why won’t anyone tell her who her father is? Things heat up when Myla meets Lincoln, the High Prince of the Thrax, a super sexy half-human and half-angel demon hunter. But what’s a quasi-demon girl to do when she falls for a demon hunter? It’s a good thing that Myla’s not afraid of breaking a few rules. With a love worth fighting for, Myla’s going to shake up Purgatory.
Angelbound is a wonderfully engaging story with a kick-ass female as the amazing main character. I bought this book back in January 2014, about 1-2 months after it was released and read it as quickly as I did this second time. This story is around 500 pages. I started it yesterday at 9PM and now have a book hangover since I didn't sleep until 2AM

ANYWAY, this story was definitely something else with the memorable characters, the perfectly executed humor, the action-packed scenes, and their strong independent, fierce lady character, Myla, all flawlessly balanced into an awesome story that has yet to leave the back of my conscious. 

Though the recent climb of angel/demon, heaven/hell books start to dominate the bookshelves (and even though this was published before this rising new "fad"), Ms. Bauer does a great job to separate her trilogy from others with her quasi-demon world ruled by ghouls and their "leader" Armageddon. 

Why am I reading this now (and again)? Recently, Ms. Bauer released the trilogy as one in a little box set of Angelbound Origins. This includes all three books including Angelbound, Scala, and Armageddon. When NetGalley provided me with the box set, I decided I would binge on rereading it all over again. This series hit my #1 spot on my favorite list the moment I first finished reading it, and remains there to this day. In fact, I also fell in love with Myla, and thanks to the wonderful character in this story, my mind has been set; I'll be naming my child Myla too. 

If you're looking for something more original with angels and demons with a strong female MC, I definitely recommend this one. I'm glad this story is finally getting the attention it deserves -- but it also deserves more. Buy it. :P


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