[Review] Armageddon

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Title: Armageddon

Series: Angelbound Origins #3

Author: Christina Bauer

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal

Published: October 14, 2014

Source: Copy provided by NetGalley

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Five years have passed since Myla Lewis last fought gladiator-style in Purgatory's Arena. Now, she’s fighting again, only this time in Hell. And the stakes have never been higher. The King of Hell, Armageddon, has kidnapped Myla and Lincoln’s young son, Maxon.

In the wake of Maxon’s abduction, all the after-realms calling for war, and no one shouts louder than Lincoln. Myla knows that a war against Hell will cost millions of lives, so she devises her own plan, involving a small attack team and a secret entrance to Hell. Will Myla save Maxon, or will her child and all the after-realms fall to Armageddon?
Unlike both Angelbound and Scala, I hadn't read this book. In fact, I remember wanting to read it, and life got in the way. I'm just so glad that this series brought me back to it, especially since I got to read all three books consecutively. 

In the epic conclusion of the Angelbound Origin series, Myla goes on yet another action-packed adventure, just, this time, in Hell. I knew at some point that she would end up there, but what I didn't expect is the number of years that had passed along with the changes that came along with it. It really makes you think what happened in between. At this point, the house of Acca is finally going through its necessary changes (thank God). 

This was the perfect story to end the series on, as it leads up to Ms. Bauer's new Angelbound Offspring series. I'm not 100% sure when I'll get around to reading them because at the moment, I have a huge queue that needs to be cleared up first. Though, I'm excited to read Maxon's story for sure. 

In this story, Myla once again proves she is the ultimate bad ass not needing her man to save her, but be her partner in crime... or, in this case, her "sidekick" hero to save their son. I really loved the portrayal of what parents would do for their kids... especially when it comes to saving them from the claws of Hell. Seriously, I'd go to Hell to save my kids (if I had any).

Continuing with the engaging action and the high tension scenes, Ms. Bauer is consistent in her amazing writing talent, keeping you reading until you've reached the end. I happened to get so sucked into this book that I forgot I was having a conversation with someone. The world fell away from me for the moment I got hitched until I turned the last page -- and that means great writing. 

I'm completely satisfied with the way this ended and if I were you, I wouldn't miss out on this ending. 

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