[Review] Frost

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Title: Frost

Author: E. Latimer

Genre: Fantasy

Published: August 25, 2015

Source: Copy provided by NetGalley

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Megan Walker’s touch has turned to ice. She can’t stop the frost, and the consequences of her first kiss are horrifying.

When her new powers attract attention, Megan finds herself caught up in an ancient war between Norse giants. One side fueled by a mad queen’s obsession and an ancient prophecy about Ragnarök, the other by an age-old grudge. Both sides believe Megan to be something she’s not. Both sides will stop at nothing to have her.

Fire or frost. It’s an impossible decision, but she’ll have to act soon, because the storm is coming.
Frost is a very promising book about Megan Walker and her power over ice. Upon reading the summary, I knew I wanted to read it, especially with its connection to my favored type of mythology, Norse. In fact, I'm pretty well-versed in the mythology. I couldn't wait to see how it was played in this story. 

The first thing I must say about the story was that it had a lot of potential. However, it did not live up to par. The writing was bland and drew no emotional attachment to either character. I'm sick of the whole insta-love type of relationships; how a stranger you don't know could cause you to immediately trust and fall in love with them is beyond me. The author seemed to try to cover up the insta-love relationship clearly forming, but it all ends up going right back to square one. Not impressed. 

I loved the premise of the book and the plot had so much potential that the author didn't seem to take advantage of. I was hoping for something amazing, especially since Norse mythology was laced into it, but all I got was a bland and somewhat boring story with an ending that I was severely disappointed in. I like endings that make me wonder, endings that keep me thinking about it long after I've put the book down. 

There's no doubt that there may be another book after this, but the ending was just so... shoved at us, as if the author just said: "you know what, I'm gonna end it here because it seems like a cool spot" and left it at that. When there's a continuation, you would think there would be some sort of cliffhanger that everyone despises but secretly love. This just... I don't even know how to describe it. But, despite the lackluster of a story, I may still read the next book, if only to see if things have improved. 

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