[Review] Reality

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Title: Reality

Series: The Arie Chronicles

Author: Dani Hart

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Published: June 6, 2014

Source: Copy provided by NetGalley

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To be extraordinary was a fate Arie Belle had never imagined. Her days had been filled with na├»ve pleasures and promising love, but all that changed one tragic day when her mother was killed under mysterious circumstances, plunging Arie’s life into dark and hopeless times where her lifelong friend, River, was her only beacon of light.

After years of numbness, a beautiful stranger, Ashe, entered her world and took her soul to places it had never been, across realities trapped within the worlds of fairy tales. Could he be her savior, or would she find the strength within to be her own?

Along her journey, she quickly unraveled the secret behind her uncanny connection with nature and her mother's killer. But one mystery remained—one of scripted destiny and the pull of the dark forces of life. Could she find the answers she needed before the next full moon? Or would death claim her as it had been painted in the fate of the stars?
Reality is an emotional and fantastical story about Arie Bell, a special and unique character through her journey to find her purpose. As much as I hate the whole "love triangle" thing that plagues a majority of stories out on the bookshelves, it amounted to nothing compared to the wonderful world Ms. Hart introduces to us in her story.

Though the writing itself was nothing special, the author knows exactly how to pull you into a wonderfully vivid world of anything BUT reality. Everything described was fantastically enchanting, providing a great escape from our current reality. I must say, it's most certainly a wonderful story world to escape in despite the hardships necessary to bring Arie to her true self.

This story was emotional all around, making you truly care for Arie and feel for the events that unfold before her to put her fate in motion. I'm admitting that I caught myself tearing up several times throughout reading this book with my heart shattering to pieces for the MC.

I loved how Arie was the type of person to find a way to hang on even when it seemed like life was against her -- she always found something to fight for. I liked how even with the love triangle, she tried to rationalize her own feelings, tried to fight to make things work with one even when the other made her feel another way.

As for the ending, it was perfectly done. It was balanced, leaving enough questions left to be answered, but still keeping us satisfied with the outcome and a future for Arie for us to look forward to. I cannot wait to find out more in the next book, for sure.

Final thoughts; captivating, engaging, emotional, with a fantastically vivid and new reality.

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