[Review] The Bones of the Earth

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Title: Bones of the Earth

Author: Scott Hale

Illustrator: Hannah Graff

Genre: Horror, Fantasy

Published: June 10, 2015

Source: Borrowed via Kindle Unlimited

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Is it wrong to kill a human …
when you’re not human yourself?

It’s been two hundred years since the Trauma, a catastrophic event of a now forgotten origin, wreaked havoc upon the Earth, reducing the human population from billions to thousands, and leaving the survivors as prey to humanoid hunters. Vrana of the Raven is one of these hunters. Her tribe has made killing humans, now known as the Corrupted, its purpose—to “keep the balance”—to ensure that the Corrupted do not rise to power and lay the Earth to ruin once more.

But, one night, in the great northern city-state of Geharra, over ten thousand Corrupted disappear.

And if so many can disappear so quickly, what’s to stop it from happening again elsewhere, or to Vrana’s own?

Geharra, however, is not the only place to suffer from strange happenings. In Caldera, Vrana sleeps fitfully, dreaming of a Void and the Witch trapped within. When she is called upon to travel with Serra, Lucan, and Deimos to the abandoned city, she accepts, but only to get away from Caldera, because the Witch that haunts her nightmares has begun to haunt her days.
Bones of the Earth is a gruesome story with impeccable descriptions, giving you enough to imagine everything in your mind. Whether it's a good thing or a bad thing depends on your squeamish level. If you're not one for gore and twisted stories/images, then you'd think it's a bad thing. However, I love it. I always love the twisted and dark stories such as this one.

Stumbling upon this on Amazon, I was actually wary of it. Why? Well, as much as I say "don't judge a book by its cover," I still catch myself doing it. Now, it's not that the cover is horrible because it isn't. The artist is very talented, but, it isn't eye-catching in my opinion, you know?

However, let me reiterate; don't judge this book by its cover. The author, Mr. Hale, is a wonderfully talented writer, creating vivid imagery and connections to the most unpredictable characters. As for the characters themselves, my two favorites happened to be Serra and Vrana (of course). I have a thing for characters that are mute and badass females. I also loved Vrana's companion, Blix. He's great.

The ending was most certainly an ending, and from what I can tell from it, there are no continuations of the story. This is unfortunate, as I really want to know what happens after everything. Mr. Hale kept referring back to Vrana's father, keeping me thinking that he'd show up or we'd find something out at some point. Unfortunately, nothing. But I do want more. What's the aftermath like? What happens to the characters they left behind? What happens to Vrana's people now? The world? Is it truly the end? Do tell. If anyone has any information on whether or not there is another book that follows this, let me know in the comments. I'm curious.

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