[Review] Dreams

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Title: Dreams

Series: The Arie Chronicles #2

Author: Dani Hart

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Published: October 30, 2014

Source: Bought for Kindle

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Being forced into a fantastical world was never in Arie’s life plan, yet she quickly fell in love with the world of enchantment. Her determination was to create a life for her newfound little sister, Amary, that was full of hope, tranquility, and love. While losing her best friends during the transition into her new life wasn’t easy, Arie now understood it to be a necessary sacrifice to ensure the safety of Amary and the natural balance of light and dark.

In this journey riddled with power, discovery, and mystery, there was also the threat of destruction. Was Arie’s love enough to protect those she cared for? Or would the price to save the balance of the two worlds she loved come at too high a price?
Dreams is an engaging sequel to Reality where the author continues the wonderful imagery of this new world and Arie's story. The author does amazing storytelling, her writing drifting you off into Arie's world that is described beautifully. You are immediately immersed in the world and thrown into chaos along with the beloved characters.

The relationships are perfect; I love Arie and Amary together, and it's adorable the way Amary looks up to Arie. It's also great to see the love triangle come to an end, but with no grudges held... just happiness and understanding.

I have to say that the only thing lacking was any scene with action. As immersing as the world and storytelling was, the action scenes felt bland and not very exciting. However, it is made up through the emotions laced into every word. The author does a great job making you feel for her characters and I feel that is hard to do when it comes to writing. 

All in all, the story was wonderful and a great continuation for the Arie Chronicles. I cannot wait to read the next book that comes out next year. I really don't want to wait, but alas, that's out of my control! Come on, 2016, get here quick.

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