[Review] Vector

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Title: Vector

Series: Weaver #3

Author: Vaun Murphrey

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction

Published: December 8, 2014

Source: Copy provided by NetGalley

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Homecomings usually involve burgers, fries and apple pies but that's not on the menu for Cassandra and Silver. They're launched into assassination attempts, bar brawls, and relationship drama just in the first 24 hours. Can they protect everyone they love from all comers before it explodes in their face? Find out in VECTOR, Book Three of the Weaver Series.
Another great continuation from one of my favorite series! Ms. Murphrey does a wonderful job keeping her readers engaged in her story following the bad ass twins Silver and Cass.

This third installment of the Weaver Series is action-packed with twists and turns that leaves your jaw hanging wide open in shock. Seriously, I saw none of that coming!

I'm so happy to see Cass and Silver back at their home and it's great to see how much their time away has made them and their friends grow. The differences between the before and after are significant and necessary for the characters. Ms. Murphrey exceeds in making emotional connections with the readers and her characters, causing us to love, laugh, cry, and be angry with them.

I must admit, I felt a lot of anger towards the enemy(ies) in this story and really wanted to see Cass and Silver obliterate the obstacles, but I'm satisfied that for once in a book I've read, someone else had the pleasure of doing so.

This action-packed continuation of the Weaver Series keeps you gripped onto every word... every page, and doesn't let go until the very end... leaving you wanting more. Speaking of the end (no spoilers, I promise), I really liked the last tidbit in another character's perspective... especially this one.

I'm still left with questions unanswered about a certain dream Cass had and a few other scenes that popped in, making us wonder if everything we knew was a lie. I absolutely cannot wait to read the next book!

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