[Review] Marked

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Title: Marked

Series: The Soulseer Chronicles #1

Author: Sue Tingey

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Published: May 7, 2015

Source: Copy provided by NetGalley

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With no family and very few friends, Lucky’s psychic ability has always made her an outcast. The only person she can rely on is Kayla, the ghost girl who has been with her since she was born.

But Kayla is not all that she appears.

And when Lucky is visited by a demonic assassin with a message for her friend, she finds herself dragged into the Underlands – and the political fight for the daemon king’s throne.

Lucky, trapped in the daemon world, is determined to find her way home… until she finds herself caught between the charms of the Guardian Jamie, the charismatic Daemon of Death Jinx – and the lure of finding out who she really is.
Marked is a gripping and immersive story following the lovely Lucky de Salle in her journey to the daemon world. The author does an absolutely splendid job with the descriptions, providing you with enough imagery to put you right into the middle of the story, if not into the shoes of the main character.

Speaking of the characters! I literally loved all of them. They were so well-rounded, believable, and unique in their own ways-- not one of them dull or "cookie cutter" which makes things a lot better (and again, believable). As for the "love triangle" within, it is subtle and very well done rather than the typical annoying Twilight-esque type you find in a majority of books nowadays.

The daemon world is brilliantly described, giving us precise images on what to expect as if we were truly there. The action, though certainly lacking (I'm an action-junkie), was still well written in the times it was needed. The pace was perfect for what it was,  making up for the lack of action with its fast-paced, event-driven plot and great characters.

As you can tell, I absolutely loved this book and nearly everything about it. I do believe it most certainly deserves this 5-gear rating I bestow upon it and so very much look forward to the next book of the series to see how things pan out!

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