[Review] The Vault of Dreamers

Monday, June 5, 2017

Title: The Vault of Dreamers (#1)

Author: Caragh M. O'Brien

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction

Published: September 16, 2014

Source: Bought from B&N

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The Forge School is the most prestigious arts school in the country. The secret to its success:  every moment of the students' lives is televised as part of the insanely popular Forge Show, and the students' schedule includes twelve hours of induced sleep meant to enhance creativity. But when first year student Rosie Sinclair skips her sleeping pill, she discovers there is something off about Forge. In fact, she suspects that there are sinister things going on deep below the reaches of the cameras in the school. What's worse is, she starts to notice that the edges of her consciousness do not feel quite right. And soon, she unearths the ghastly secret that the Forge School is hiding—and what it truly means to dream there.

I used to read a lot about how to write well and I always saw people talking about how the first 10 pages really count. As an author, you have 10 pages to capture a reader before they decide whether or not they want to continue. This book definitely piqued my interest in less than the first 10 pages.

The love interest in this book is boring. I mean, it all started with some random kiss and they just started liking each other? There's a lack of passion so instead of making it a believable relationship, I just sort of roll my eyes at every scene they have together. It's dull, so why should I care?

Around 200 pages, I'm still unsure of the whole thing. I don't feel the suspense I believe I should be experiencing. There's only a simple curiosity as to what is happening at night and while that's enough to keep me looking for the answer, it would be the complete opposite for others.

The fact that she's still all over this love interest after a betrayal is absolutely astounding. Honestly, I can't get behind it. To me, it's unrealistic. My ass would have told them off and walked away long before anything else happened.

Overall, the premise was really interesting. For most of the book, I didn't feel the suspense or excitement I believe I should have been feeling. It felt like there was no real danger until near the end. It didn't have me staring hardcore at the pages as I read like I hoped it would do. The ending was not satisfying at all… instead of answering any questions I had, it left me with more and while I know there are books that follow, I would prefer to have SOME answers before it ends. While the book as a whole was bland, the gist of it is intriguing and enough so to warrant me coming back to read the next book. We'll see how it plays out then.

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