Mercy Changes: My Perspective (Valk)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

When it was announced that Mercy would receive a change when it comes to her ultimate, Resurrect, a lot of people who played Mercy expressed their thoughts, with a majority, it seems, against the change. For those still unaware of the change happening to Mercy on Thursday, this change will make it impossible for Mercy to resurrect her team from spawn.

A lot of the comments I saw in one of the posts talking about the change, people were upset about this change and others say it will weed out the bad Mercy one-tricks. But does this change really affect Mercy players?

Having logged in the hours I have on Mercy (coming up to 400 hours), I think I'm more than qualified to say with confidence that this change is in no way a "nerf" like people are calling it. The change shouldn't affect how Mercy is played if the player knows how to play Mercy effectively.

The only map I would ever really utilize my resurrect in spawn for is Watchpoint: Gibraltar where if time was running out and I had respawned with my ultimate, I'd pop it right from the spawn. Other people pointed out the Temple of Anubis as well, but I rarely ever resurrected from spawn (mostly because my teams would die too far from the range). This means it's really not a huge deal if there's at least a total of 2 maps out of the 15 maps played during quick play and competitive.

However, the biggest thing to come from this change is to make it fair. It's honestly not fair that my team kills the enemy Mercy because she has resurrect to get her out of play, only for her to respawn and just resurrect her dead team from the safety of spawn.

It's important that a Mercy knows to evade like a boss and sometimes, hide when they have their ultimate. While some frown upon hiding with rez, it's not a bad strategy when you know the enemy team has ultimates and are about to push. If you can do this as Mercy, the change shouldn't affect the way you play. While I see how some can counter with how enemy teams spawn camp to make sure Mercy doesn't leave, keep in mind that they can't guard all the exits to the spawn. Try using a less-used exit to avoid them.

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