Why I Main Mercy (Pre-Valk)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

"Why are you a Mercy main?"
It's a common question I receive whenever I stream or someone happens to check my career profile to see how many hundreds of hours I've logged with Mercy. People say she's boring and why would I want to play a boring character?

The thing is, Mercy isn't boring to me. I have a lot of fun flying around between teammates, keeping them alive and being able to sway the match in my team's favor. Yeah, a lot of the time, it's like I'm babysitting five kids that are toxic or just really bad when it comes to composition or team play. But for the most part, I have a great time playing her with my teams and knowing the enemy team is pulling their hair out when they can't catch me.

I didn't pick to main Mercy because she's a healer or anything. In fact, Overwatch was my first game like this on PC so I didn't know what I wanted to play. I mainly picked her because she reminded me of a character I created. They're not exactly alike but both of their names are Mercy and angelic in a way. When I first started playing her, I fell in love with the character in general. Her personality is charming and quirky and that's the kind of characters I like.

I love Mercy for the different type of skill she needs in order to be played effectively. People think Mercy doesn't require a lot of skill because "you don't have to aim," but that's not entirely true at all.

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