Yes, Mercy Requires Skill (Pre-Valk)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I've noticed a lot of people think Mercy doesn't require skill to play because you don't have to aim, but I think differently...

As Mercy, you are the backbone of the team and the one that has to be the most alert. You may not necessarily have to aim when you're healing or damage boosting, but you have to constantly be on the lookout and making sure you know what all the sounds you're hearing are coming from. If you're not paying attention, flankers could come at you and take you down first, but they also pose a threat to your team and most likely, they won't be paying attention to what's behind with you on the back line.

Mercy has to be aware of the enemy team's ultimate charges. Does the enemy Zarya have her Grav? Most often, the teams don't pay too much attention to any of the enemy ultimates, but because your own ultimate is used to counter theirs and/or sway the battle in your favor, you must pay attention. By paying attention to their ultimates, you have a better chance at resurrecting in an effective manner to tip the balance. Yes, this means knowing when you should probably move away from your team and hide somewhere close so you're not dragged into their ultimates.

Mercy is like a leader of sorts because while it may not be necessary for teams to communicate often during matches, during competitive, it's necessary for Mercy to be able to call out certain situations that will save both her and her team. Because it is a Mercy's duty to watch for flankers, it is also hers to call them out and alert the team. If you don't do so, it's likely they won't notice you're being attacked. On top of that, it's also important for her to alert of her ultimates and when they should push or wait for her to show up. This keeps the team aware of the situation and allow them to push with confidence.

I mostly find myself spamming the "defend/attack the objective" and "my ultimate is ready" when the enemy team is pushing or we're supposed to push.

Mercy needs to evade like a boss. Genji, Winston, Dva, Tracer, and Sombra pose a big threat for Mercy. While I believe every hero can kill Mercy easily, I feel those 5 are the worst. They move fast and flank, mostly catching you off guard and with Genji's ultimate, it makes him even more erratic in his movements. You need to be able to know your escapes to keep yourself from dying to the people trying to kill you. While battle Mercy is good, sometimes, healing your team and getting to safety is more important. If you can't fly between your team with ease and with your feet barely touching the ground, you're going to die a lot and Mercy is useless when they're dead consistently.

You really do need to know how to aim. Even if your aim is crap, you DO need to have some sort of aim if you want to be the most effective. While I don't recommend full-on battle Mercy, I have nothing against pulling out my pistol to ward off flankers. A lot of people tend to forget that Mercy has a gun and that little thing can do a lot more damage than people think. If you end up fighting back against flankers, they usually tend to be more cautious when approaching you, making your job just a bit easier.

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