The Return of Vesper Dreams

Saturday, February 3, 2018

It has been a long time since I last posted in a blog, especially one that I made specifically for my streaming. However, I hope to make this a regular thing, posting as frequently as possible to bring forth new content. I've recently taken a liking to an idea I've been playing around with to better my stream and bring more variety to my stream while still having my own unique branding. I haven't said much on social media about these ideas, but it's getting close to my return to streaming on Twitch and I think it's best I announce the changes coming. Let's just start with the technicalities of the stream in general.

Over the past few weeks, I've taken my paycheck from my job and used it to help improve my stream quality. I got a better webcam (the logitech c922x), a new headset (my dog killed the headphone jack on my desktop, so I have to use a usb headset), and a new tapestry to match the theme of space on the stream. On top of that, I got chibis done of my persona, which can be seen in my social media banners and on my twitch channel. With the chibis in mind, you may notice that she has little baby antlers on her head. I wanted to adopt that look in reality and decided to buy a handmade headband with tiny antlers as well, which will be worn on every stream (as soon as they come in from Spain... it's been weeks now). I also hired someone to create a universal overlay that can be used with a majority of games without taking up too much space. Future additions to the stream improvement include a customized tip jar added to the stream overlay, a new mic, and some updated features for my computer like new monitors (because they're old af), a wired mouse, and a new mechanical keyboard because mine stopped working for some reason.

Okay, now for the in-stream changes, meaning the things I'm going to be doing to add more variety to my streams and expand my audience. As some of you know, I'm a writer. I have published books using a pseudonym Angie Anomalous. In addition to my love for writing, I'm also a huge nerd for books (I can read 1 book in a day depending on the time I have. My record is 2 books in 1 day). With that in mind, I've decided to utilize these and create moments in my stream before gaming specified to books and writing. Introducing...

  • Writing Prompt Wednesday. Streams done on Wednesday. I was given a writing prompt journal by a co-worker during Christmas and I plan to utilize that. This obviously goes in the Creative section of Twitch. Once the prompt is done, we go to gaming.
  • Bookish Friday. Streams done on Fridays. I'll spend up to an hour reviewing a book I finished reading. This review will also be posted on this blog for those who would rather read than hear me stutter as I talk about a book I like/dislike.
  • Onesie Monday. Okay, this has nothing to do with variety except for the fact that streams on Mondays will include me in a cute onesie that I haven't even gotten yet (but soon). 
Please keep in mind that with my full-time job at the vet clinic, my schedule is all over the place each week. HOWEVER, my fiance recently got a new job that requires him to work longer, so that means more streams (depending on when I get out of my own job) and/or longer streams. On days that I'm off, I can stream all the way up until 7:30pm CST, so you can expect longer streams on my off days. 

But when will you go back to streaming? I'm so happy that you guys have been reaching out to me and telling me you miss my streams. I miss streaming! Right now, I'm in NJ visiting my family and when I come back on the 7th, I'll be tweaking the finishing touches and then setting my first schedule. The schedule will be posted on Twitch and Twitter as well as on this website. I CAN say that I will most definitely start streaming again this month, so I look forward to hanging out with you all. 


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