Reviews are Coming back!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

I've been spending the month creating the website you're viewing now and importing previous content from another website. If you've been following my Twitch account's Twitter, you already know that I've been searching for ways to add variety to my streams. One of the ways I wanted to add variety was to have like 30 minutes to an hour's worth of time where I sat and talked about the latest book I've read along with providing a review that is also posted to this website. When I first got the idea, I had to run it by a few people to see what they would think and it turns out that I should just try it myself and see how things go! Even if I don't grow specifically from that, maybe I can convince you guys to start reading more because reading is awesome

However, as you also know (if you're following my Twitter), my relocation to New Jersey hasn't really been that great for me. While hauling our bin of stuff on the back of my car, the harnesses keeping them in place did not hold and we lost two bins. We were able to get back one of the bins, but the other bin that was lost was completely obliterated by the impact of them falling on the highway while we were going about 60 miles an hour. That bin happened to be the most expensive of bins, containing all of my streaming accessories and my fiance's 3 TB external hard drive filled to the brim of movies and shows. 

The stuff I lost is expensive and I'm working to get the stuff back. My current game plan is to buy new headphones and a microphone so that I can start streaming again as soon as possible. It won't be with a camera, but it will be enough to get me back on schedule and providing entertainment again. After that, I'll be purchasing another webcam. Eventually, I'll start buying a new mouse, keyboard, mouse pad, monitors, etc., to continue to improve my stream quality as well as my personal gaming experience. 

I'm looking forward to the future to see where all of this goes and I hope to have you guys there with me during my journey c:

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