B&R: The Kingdom of Anaria

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Crysalis -- The Glass City
Made of stone and glass, the city was built by the greatest of architects and engineers. Encased in a strong, thick glass dome, it is the main hub of trade for the most desired resources. The dome is there to keep clean, unpolluted air from reaching the resident's lungs.

  • Purified, clean water
  • Unpolluted air.
  • Pure silver and diamond
  • Fresh meat and produce -- livestock

Dominicus -- The City of Sin
The stench of this place is overwhelming and that isn't unfathomable due to the nature of this city and the sins that lie within the crumbling buildings, polluted air and water, slave trade and trafficking. The King and Queen of Anaria have strayed from helping the people of Dominicus and believe the city to be non-existent. This place is the home of the lowliest of scum, mercenaries, and rogue pirates.

  • Gold and Steel
  • Black Market
  •  Brothels
  • Drugs

Tanriel -- The Slums
A broken down city filled with squatters and the middle class. Anyone with too little money to live in Crysalis, but enough to live outside of Dominicus will be found here. Home of the guild of the Sacra. Has a direct link to Crysalis with trade routes to and from it. Royals and soldiers can be found moving back and forth through Tanriel and Crysalis. Second safest city in Anaria. Residents in this city can see the glass dome of Crysalis on the horizon.

  • Bronze & Iron
  • Coal
  • The blacksmith for armor & weapons (travels every now and then to other cities)
  • The Sacra's Cathedral

Silvadet -- The Forest
This forest is known best by the magic users of the land that seek the guidance of the forest and its resources to learn and control their gifts. When a person's magic becomes evident, they are taken to this forest to find their corresponding grounding stone that will help them hone and control their gift. While people in Anaria are afraid of magic users, they are too afraid to step foot into this forest to even try to get rid of the magic that resides within its depths.


  • Lithium (used in brews)
  • Clean air and water
  • The Oracle
  • Agate
  • Azurite
  • Blue Lace Agate
  •  Carnelian
  • Fuchsite
  • Tiger's Eye

Taludem -- The Swamp
It is said that the animals residing in Taludem were touched by Silvadet's magic and transformed into ravenous creatures. While it is just a myth, the trek here is harsh but worth it to those looking for medicinal aid and magical protection. Taludem gets its name from the dead silence that comes before the cries of the animals within.

  • Natural medicinal herbs
  • Rose and Crystal Quartz for dispelling negative magic
  • Obsidian and Tourmaline to keep Energy Vampires at bay
  • Sage

Divintes -- The Sacred Mountains
It is said that these mountains will lead you halfway to the Stars. Here, people climb to reach the top where they mediate to seek guidance from the gods. The Sacra, however, use it as a final lesson before becoming mature. They must travel for weeks on their own and climb the mountain by hand. When they reach the top, it is said that they must overcome all fear, for fear would be their downfall, and to conquer it, they must trust in themselves, fate, and their gifts. To do so, they leap off the Divintes. Little is known as to what happens. Many say they all die, which is why there are so few of the Sacra. Though few witnesses state they have seen Sacra trainees completely disappear out of thin air only to reappear hours later safely on the ground.

  • Seraphinite, the final grounding stone for master magic users
  • Medicinal herbs
  • Ayahuasca ingredients
  •  Fresh water

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