Possible Changes to my Mercy Gameplay

Friday, May 18, 2018

It's been a while since I posted anything about Overwatch and that's mostly because I've been too busy playing it to figure out what to say. However, today while I lost all 10 of my placement matches, bringing my rank to the 2500s, I thought about changing my settings. 

I have accumulated over 500 hours on Mercy. I have gone through every change to her and stayed by her side despite the outcry each time they nerfed my poor main. While she's a lot more balanced, I realized that since I started playing her, my settings haven't changed much and I feel that it could severely impact my gameplay. 

At the current, my settings are the following:

  • In-game sensitivity: 6.7
  • Toggle Beam Connection: On
  • Guardian Angel Prefers Beam Target: Off
  • Toggle Guardian Angel: On
I've noticed while playing that my sensitivity isn't doing much at the moment. I have to pick up my mouse to do a 180-turn. That's probably going to be the first thing I change, making it around maybe in the 8-10 range. I used to have it at around 11+ when I didn't focus too much on improving my aim, but now that I've been able to successfully fight off flankers in a lot of fights, it needed to be lowered for better accuracy (and so I'm not turning wildly, spraying and praying). 

On top of the sensitivity change, I think I'm gonna go and see how big of a difference it would be if I were to switch the "prefers beam target" on. I originally turned it off because I had a much easier time just looking at another ally and flying to them while still healing/damage boosting the other person. I'm thinking this could be a hindering setting to have on, but maybe if I learn to play it properly like I have with the setting off, I'd have different options and choose which one is a lot more comfortable. 

I'm actually looking forward to seeing how these changes will affect my normal playstyle for her, but after having hit 500 hours with (a lot of progress, don't get me wrong) little to no change recently with my competitive rank, I might have to switch things up. I've found myself also playing more Ana and Moira to compensate, but I'm obviously not as well-versed in those heroes (I think I have, like, 50 hours on Ana). I don't want to keep saying that I know I'm good and deserve to be in a higher rank than Plat. I want to figure out what the reason I'm stuck there is and see if it really has to do with me or if I need to start learning to play DPS/Tanks to compensate for the lack of good teammates. At the same time, I don't really trust others to heal. Such a predicament...

Sometimes, I'm not sure why I even bother.

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