[500+ Hour Mercy On]: Tips for Platinum Players

Friday, July 13, 2018

As a Mercy main with over 530 hours, I've picked up a thing or two. I've been through every change she had gone through, every "nerf," and have learned how to adapt and utilize her kit. With that said, you can find some information on the stuff I've learned on how to play Mercy most effectively within the Platinum competitive rank. Keep in mind that though I have spent so much time on her, I'm still learning the best ways to be an effective Mercy, so my opinions on the advices in this post may not live up to yours and that's okay. I welcome all criticism and/or advice offerings that may be added to this post.
Stay behind the lines and don't take unnecessary risks. I get how you want to keep Reinhardt or Dva from dying when they go charging into the enemy line, but you cant risk your own life to save theirs, especially if the rest of your team is alive. More than likely, the moment the enemy team sees you, they'll kill you before they turn their attention back on your tank. In the Platinum rank, there are plenty of Reinhardts and other tanks that charge right into (and mostly through)

Prioritize. Look, I understand that seeing critical icons all over your screen is really stress-inducing, but you need to prioritize properly. Other healers come first because you rely on them to keep you up, too. While you're healing them, they can heal another. Heal anyone currently engaged in a fight if you can reach them without risking your life. I don't care if the Reinhardt is low: if his shield is up and not close to breaking, heal someone else real quick. I have an upcoming post solely on prioritizing, so keep a look out for that.

Guardian Angel is your best friend. Winston, Dva, Tracer, and Genji are a pain in the ass (you too, Moira bitches) and when it comes to a Mercy, you're more than likely their priority. When it comes to people focusing you, learning to use Guardian Angel every 2 seconds becomes a must to escape their focus. That coupled with communication makes it easier for you to escape and allow your team to turn and get rid of the person harassing their healers.

Damage boost. Whenever you can, damage boost. Zarya combo? Valk and chain boost. Roadhog hooking someone? Boost. Hanzo ulting? Boost. Now I've noticed an increase of Genjis asking me to boost them when they ult. ONLY DO THIS IF YOURE CONFIDENT IN YOUR ESCAPE ABILITIES. Just because Genji is ulting the other team doesn't mean that they'll all run and pay you no mind. Remember: you're always a target.
Plan your Resurrect accordingly. Scenario: Your team is defending at the choke in Volskaya. Your Orisa dies right by the truck there at the choke. The enemy team is advancing but your teammates don't need healing at the moment. Do you resurrect your Orisa?
Why? While you may have a lot of cover with the truck on one side, the bridge, and the building on your left protecting you, the enemy team is currently advancing. That means that because they're pushing forward and working off that pick, they'll be on your ass and kill you next, leaving your team two down instead of one down.
I'll post more on this later with other scenarios.
FIRE IN THE HOLE! Those dreaded words from Junkrat's mouth are the bane of all support existence. With its sole mission to get rid of supports with one blow, the only way to survive a tire is to shoot it before it explodes. As a Mercy player, you should be pretty accustomed to being positioned by cover at every moment in case an ult is popped and going to kill you. The moment you hear those words, stop healing/boosting. That basically leads a trail directly to you. You think they're gonna go after the person you're healing/boosting? No, they're gonna go for you and if they happen to get someone else, that's really great for them. You, not so much. Cut the cord and hide. Now, that's not gonna always save you, but at least you'll have a better chance at surviving compared to you being out in the open with a trail leading straight for you.
Meteor Strike! Another BS ultimate belongs to the worst character (he makes me salty) Doomfist. Okay, he's not the worst character, but I hate him with every fiber of my being. With his devastating stun abilities, it's already hard for a support player to escape his wrath, but Meteor Strike makes it even harder with its large range and ability to kill players with the one blow. When he first came out, it was easy for a Mercy to just GA away from their ult before they came down, but now, it seems, people who play Doomfist are getting smarter and are using tracking to anticipate the Mercy to GA. While, again, this won't always save you, I find it easier to move around aimlessly when you hear those words. I don't mean walk into enemy lines, but kind of walk back and forth in different directions, making it hard to know where you're going. As you all know, he's got a big strike area so the movements have to be long enough to allow you to walk out of the circle the moment you see the circle appear. It's a lot easier that way than just GAing away and hoping he can't track.
Only use your pistol when necessary. No, that does not mean go around trying to get the satisfaction of letting people know a Mercy killed a Genji or whatever. Your main purpose is to heal and boost. Do not just pop Valkyrie and fly around with your pistol. Your team needs you!! If your team has an advantage, sure, help deal more damage, I guess... but I still find that boosting your teammates is a lot more effective than you using your pistol. I only ever take mine out when I'm being flanked and my teammates can't help, or if no one's focusing that damned Widowmaker that keeps picking people off.
If you have more advice or would like to add more detail into one of the tips in this post, please feel free to comment!

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