[Review] Fire & Heist

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Title: Fire & Heist

Author: Sarah Beth Durst

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Published: December 4, 2018

Source: Copy provided by NetGalley

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In Sky Hawkins's family, leading your first heist is a major milestone--even more so than learning to talk, walk, or do long division. It's a chance to gain power and acceptance within your family, and within society. But stealing your first treasure can be complicated, especially when you're a wyvern--a human capable of turning into a dragon.

Embarking on a life of crime is never easy, and Sky discovers secrets about her mother, who recently went missing, the real reason her boyfriend broke up with her, and a valuable jewel that could restore her family's wealth and rank in their community.

With a handpicked crew by her side, Sky knows she has everything she needs to complete her first heist, and get her boyfriend and mother back in the process. But then she uncovers a dark truth about were-dragon society--a truth more valuable and dangerous than gold or jewels could ever be.
Dragons. If you know me, you know I love dragons and I most certainly love stories with dragon main characters. I don't care if they're were-dragons because they can still shift and that's awesome.

Okay, enough of the fangirling over the subject of dragons. Fire and Heist captured my interest after reading the summary when I found it on NetGalley. Shaping the dragons into thieves in this book was clever, for sure and definitely helped my decision to read this book.

The characters were alright, though to be honest, the only things that I liked about the main character was her headstrong attitude and the fact that she fell for her best friend instead of the usual friend zone maneuver. Personally, I liked Gabriela more than anyone else.

As for the plot itself, it was interesting enough. It could have had so much more to it, though. Maybe it's just me, but things moved a bit too fast to be entirely engaged in the story. Things seemed too easy and there wasn't enough time taken to detail the world we're in, thus taking away from the imagery and making it difficult to picture. That takes a lot of the wonder from the story and it was a missed opportunity for sure.

Overall, while I really love dragons and the concept of were-dragons, the story could have been so much better. Things moved so fast that it was hard to picture in my head and hard to really stew in the world. Regardless of that note, it was still a fun read that I enjoyed. I just wish there was more dragon action and more time in the world itself. The end did actually leave me with two questions: is there gonna be another book? What happened to the bad guy? Hopefully we'll get those answers soon!
Technically, 3.5 stars, but I like round numbers.

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