Stream Update: MY PC ISN'T WORKING!! WHY?!!?

Saturday, July 14, 2018

On Wednesday, I attempted to stream because I had found the space to do so in the basement and had all the necessary cables to. Unfortunately, my internet wanted none of it and had be anywhere between 200kb/s to 2500, which is an odd range, but a range nonetheless. Frankly, I forgot I could just go into the settings to change it to work with the internet I have until Thursday.
So, on Thursday, I go to boot up my computer and start working on the settings in OBS. The next thing you know, my computer freezes. I restart it to find that my pc no longer boots (wtffff). My main solution was to clean the insides because it was full of dust and cat hair since my cats really loved to sit on top of the tower. Today while I was at work, my fiancé took apart the computer to find the CPU cooler completely coated in dust thanks to the cat hair and apparently, even some litter (jesus, I hate those cats!!!).
With that in our minds, he went through everything and cleaned all the fans and even the motherboard. Unfortunately, the dust was not the issue. We came to the conclusion that the reason my pc was no longer booting is a trashed hard drive. This conclusion was further agreed upon after we hooked it up to his laptop to find that it didn't work there either. Luckily, the ADATA hard drive I bought last year is under a 3-year warranty, so I sent them an e-mail to let them know of the issue and hopefully have it fixed or a new one sent.
This really sucks because I wanted to have already started streaming and with this being a hard drive issue, I don't know when I'll have the problem solved. The ball is in ADATA's court right now and hopefully we can get the matter settled and fixed within the next two weeks. I cannot afford to purchase another hard drive, even an M2, so if all else fails and for some reason ADATA can't help me, it's gonna be an even longer wait for me to stream again and I literally just cannot think about that outcome.
Until then, I'm gonna start working on some new graphics for the stream to keep me occupied and let's hope for the best :(

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