[Review] Siren's Lure

Monday, August 13, 2018

Title: Siren's Lure
Series: The Aermian Feuds #2.5
Author: Frost Kay
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Published: May 27, 2018
Source: Copy provided by NetGalley.

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Vengeance never looked so beautiful...

Hayjen never believed in myths and nightmares until he came face to face with one. Captured and trapped on a slaver ship, life looks utterly grim. But when mutiny and danger arise, Hayjen is tossed into the ocean's watery depths, where death stalks.

Vengeance is Lilja's middle name. As pirate captain of the Sirenidae, she's made it her life goal to destroy Scythia after what they've stolen from her. After one miscalculation, she finds herself cast into the sea with a man's life in her hands. Despite her laws ringing in her mind, she saves him, exposing a secret she's kept for years.

A secret that could destroy an entire race.

*This can be read as a standalone, or as part of the Aermian Feuds series.
While I have an obsession with werewolves and dragons, sirens and pirates are next on the list. Put those two together and you've got Siren's Lure, a tale following Lilja, a pirate captain who's hiding a secret and Hayjen, a man taken from his life and forced into slavery.

The characters are well-rounded, likable, and most importantly, believable. I really loved Lilja due to her strong, female nature and the fact that she's a pirate captain. I admired Hayjen and his drive to protect the female slaves and how hard he held on to the hope that he would get them all off the slave ship.

As for the world, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. I would have absolutely loved to learn more about the world without having to read the series, especially because it can be read as a standalone. With the book being less than 200 pages, you would think that leaves plenty of space to bring the world into detail without the story becoming too long.

The plot was alright, though I didn't feel enough urgency and importance to keep Lilja's secret from being known. I wanted more from it and was given just a pinch of what could have been amazing.

I wish I could say that it had a satisfying ending, but it didn't. I'm really upset about this and with the way it ended, I'm kind of hoping there will be another book that continues to follow Lilja and Hayjen. If there isn't, then I'm going to be extremely upset because what's the point of the way it ended if we're not going to have any insight on how it all works out? Are you really going to make me read a series that follows someone else completely to figure it all out? No thanks.

Overall, it was an okay story. It was a quick, fast-paced read and while in some cases, it works, it didn't with this. This book had so much potential that wasn't taken advantage of and that sucks, because I really wanted to enjoy it far more than I did. 

Siren's Lure is perfect for those who love a tale of mermaids, sirens, and pirates.

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