[Review] Deadly Sweet

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Title: Deadly Sweet
Series: The Spellwork Syndicate #1
Author: Lola Dodge
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
Published: January 16. 2018
Source: Bought for Kindle

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Anise Wise loves three things: baking, potion making, and reading her spellbooks in blissful silence. She might not be the most powerful witch, but enchantment is a rare skill, and her ability to bake with magic is even rarer. Too bad no one wants witchcraft on their campus. Anise’s dream of attending pastry school crumbles with rejection letter after rejection letter.

Desperate to escape her dead-end future, Anise contacts the long-lost relative she’s not supposed to know about. Great Aunt Agatha owns the only magic bakery in the US, and she suddenly needs a new apprentice. Anise is so excited she books it to New Mexico without thinking to ask what happened to the last girl.

The Spellwork Syndicate rules the local witches in Taos, but as “accidents” turn into full-out attacks on Anise’s life, their promises to keep her safe are less and less reassuring. Her cranky bodyguard is doing his best, but it’s hard to fight back when she has no idea who’s the enemy. Or why she became their target.

If Anise can’t find and stop whoever wants her dead, she’ll be more toasted than a crème brûlée.

Who knew baking cakes could be so life or death? 
Magic? Baking? I love baking and I love magic so of course I wanted to read this series!

The main character, Anise, was naive and too willing to fit in and it made her make a lot of ridiculous, stupid, and downright blind decisions that ended her up in more trouble than she would have been had she been smart, but she wasn't. A lot of her troubles could have been avoided if she just had common sense and I think because of how naive she was, it just made me not like her. There were definitely aspects of her that I loved, like her love for baking and the determination to learn and be the best, but it wasn't enough to nullify the adult in me that wanted her to be at least somewhat smart about her decisions. I don't want to even get into Wynn considering there was really nothing for me to go off to get an idea of his character -- too one dimensional.

The overall plot was pretty basic with the whole battle against the evil that wanted the main character for their personal vendettas. There's really not much to say that stood out for me to absolutely love the story, but in the end, I enjoyed what I did read, but not enough to warrant a higher rating. I wish it would have been a bit more mature when it came to the characters (though I do know that this is a young adult). I just feel like she was a bit too childish. Despite that, I still feel compelled to continue on with the series in hopes Anise learns from her mistakes and ends up making something of herself.

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