[Cover Reveal] Musings of an Eccentric

Sunday, June 23, 2019

I'm ecstatic to introduce the cover for my upcoming perma-WIP collection of completed writing prompts. The prompts that will be found behind this cover will have been written during my Twitch streams and edited off stream before being published for people to read. 

I've wanted to do something fun for my writing streams, so starting June 27th, viewers who watch my stream and earn enough stardust will be able to spend said stardust and request me to pick a random prompt. I will have an hour to write a short story. Viewers can spend more stardust to add more time to the clock in order to extend the prompt from a short story up to a short novelette. 

Title: Musings of an Eccentric
Author: Vesper
Genre: Fiction (variety of subgenres)
Release: As written
Read it: Wattpad

Writing prompts are great to practice your writing and continue to form the habit of writing every day. With Musings of an Eccentric, Vesper combines all the writing prompts she completes into a single book. Prompts could fall under any genre from Fantasy to Horror or Romance to Paranormal. No story is the same and even a single, simple sentence can spark an entire short story's worth of a tale. 

All prompts are published to Wattpad.

What do you think of the cover and the premise of the prompt story collection? Let me know!

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