[Camp NaNoWriMo: Day 1] Here We Go!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Camp NaNoWriMo 2019 Project

Title: Ash, Fire & Blood

Author: Vesper (Me, obviously)
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Goal: 50,000 words by 7/31
Total Word Count Goal: 65,000

-- Summary --

"Humans seek to control the things they fear and if they fail to control it, they pursue to destroy it."

War is inevitable. After Kaeyara's sole enemy is assassinated before her and his servants misunderstand their final exchange, she is deemed the new Queen of Anaria. Now, she must rule an entire kingdom when all she wanted to do was protect her home from a tyrannical king. With word having spread that King Handibal is dead and an untested Queen now rules, Anaria's surrounding neighbors flock to assess their new potential enemy. Unable to change back into her true form of the Great Phoenix, she must survive the power-hungry Oraclareon, dangerously curious leaders, and assassination attempts all the while hiding the power inside her that grows hungry for release with each passing day. It's only a matter of time before cataclysm strikes and the very future of Anaria now rests in Kae's hands.
It's camp time and I'm both extremely pumped and worried. Every time I've attempted to participate in camp NaNo, I've derailed and stopped writing completely. This time, I hope to finally complete a full camp session so that I am on track with my writing plan. Throughout July, all of my Twitch Streams will have at least a 2 hour virtual writing session where I will be hosting 30-minute word sprints that anyone watching can join in on. Those who just come to hang out are obviously more than welcome to considering that I do tend to love the company and chitchat to distract me from the stress of writing when you're pretty much pantsing the crap out of a NaNo (which is me every NaNo). 

What's a pantser? Well, let's just say pantsers are the type of writers that jump into an idea without fully planning it out and seeing where it takes them. Meanwhile, there's the opposite, planners, who plan their novels and work off of outlines and timelines. To be honest, I tend to be both of them, aka plantser, which means I plan a bit and write vague outlines that I don't always follow to a T. 

Make sure to join me on my writing streams and come hang out (or write with me!). I'd love to hear your project ideas and help motivate you all in getting your work done! 

monday. 4pm-6pm
tuesday. 8:30pm-10:30pm
wedsnesday. 3pm-5pm
thursday. 12pm-2pm
saturday. 8pm-10pm

What are you writing this Camp NaNoWriMo?

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