[Review] A Pack of Love and Hate

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Title: A Pack of Love and Hate
Series: The Boulder Wolves #3
Author: Olivia Wildenstein
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Published: July 30, 2019
Source: Kindle Unlimited

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Volunteering to duel alongside Liam Kolane against the ruthless Creek Alpha could get Ness killed, but the alternative, leaving her hot-headed Alpha to die alone in the dueling ring isn’t an option. Not even when he places ridiculous conditions on her, like not spending time alone with August, her intended mate.

Ness didn’t want a mate, but that was before August stepped back into her life, before he picked up the scattered pieces of her heart. Between their shared history and the magical tether that binds them, Ness finds herself falling dangerously hard for the sexy shifter.

But Liam’s heart is on the line. A heart that still beats for Ness.

Only one man can win her love, the same way only one Alpha can rise from the duel.

Let the fight begin...

I can’t remember if this is a trilogy or not, I think I recall reading somewhere that it was, so this review is based off that thought. 

Back into Ness’ world, we’re faced with her and Liam preparing for the ultimate showdown Liam stupidly decided he’d fight in and in which Ness stupidly signed up to be his Second when she has no training or knowledge in the whole pack thing. Of course, this comes at a price she must pay despite her hatred for it. 

With the love triangle still, unfortunately, being a thing, she needs to hold off on pursuing any kind of relationship with anyone to solely focus on getting her and Liam ready for the inevitable fight while also trying to find out the secret the Creek Alpha is hiding about her supposed advantage. 

I honestly don’t have a lot to say about this, the actual fight was great, the knowledge of the Creek Alpha’s secret was a tad surprising and definitely not what I thought, which was great… I always love being wrong about what I think is gonna happen in stories. 

The end was what had me disappointed. Going off my belief of this being a trilogy, it ended with more of a cliffhanger than the others. It didn’t feel like an ending because it left me with more questions and wondering than an ending should. I wish I could say more and go into detail, but I’m not for spoiling it. I hope I’m wrong about it being a trilogy or, at least hope that the author has a novella or something planned to explain what happens after. My rating is strictly because of the ending. If it ended differently, it would have been more than this.

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