Rating System

My reviews are based off of a 5-star rating system. Each rating has its own unique look to show what I felt about the book I've read. The higher I've rated the book, the more I liked it and don't worry, I also include a pretty lengthy post discussing what I liked and disliked about a book. Each rating is my own opinion, but is not made to hurt/insult an author in any way. It is just my duty as a book reviewer to talk about the book and give my opinion so that others can choose whether or not they want to read it. 

I didn't enjoy the book at all. There's plenty of flaws in it, that it made it difficult to read or to continue reading. This rating can come with a book I just could not finish reading, though finding a book rated with this is rare to find. 

I hardly enjoyed it. There were enough flaws to make it hard to read, but it did have some okay qualities to it. I still wouldn't recommend it because I feel like it could have been so much better. 

The book was okay. It had some good qualities that made the reading decent, but there was nothing too good about it for it to stand out and really engage me. This had a lot of potential to be a really great story, but not all opportunities were taken for it to happen. 

This book was great! It had a lot of the qualities I look for in a good book. While it didn't fully blow me away, the story was really enjoyable and I would totally recommend others to read it.

Holy crap, this was amazing! I loved almost every aspect of the book and it completely blew me away. It had nearly everything (or actually everything) I look for in a great story. It was hard to put down and the book was completely engaging. I totally recommend this book!