Review Requests

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Please keep in mind that though I am a professional reviewer, I am prone to be blunt about my reviews. I am in no way personally attacking you, the author. Whether or not I love your book, you will know and will be provided answers as to why I chose my rating. I give my 100% honest opinion in my reviews.

If you have a legitimate concern about my review of your book, please email me and we can discuss it further. However, legitimate does not mean you can email me just because you didn't like how I reviewed it.

All my reviews are final. If you submit your book to me for review, you are accepting the fact that I will review it honestly and that there is a chance it will not receive the rating you expected. My reviews should be looked at strictly as constructive criticism.

This following list is a guideline of the types of books I like to read. Please know, however, that I can be open-minded and will sometimes accept anything that suits my fancy.



  • Fantasy
  • Soft Science Fiction
  • Horror
  • Psychological Thriller
  • General Fiction
  • Animal Perspectives (stories from the perspective of an animal)
  • Anything with a strong female character.

- COMICS (limited -- depends on the plot) -


I prefer print copies over anything.  With that said, reviews for print copies will take priority over everything else. Should you need to send me the e-book file, I only take .mobi as I own a Kindle. I accept:
  • Print Copies
  • Mobi (Kindle files)
  • Corrected ARCs
  • Audiobooks

Upon receiving the book, I do my best to give the author and/or publisher a quick turnaround time to prevent long waits for books (especially new releases). When the book and review have been completed, I will always email the author and/or publisher with links providing where I have posted the review. I usually post my reviews via Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, this website (also posted to Bloglovin'), Smashwords (should your book be on there), and NetGalley (should the book be on there). You can request I post the review elsewhere if you'd like.

Please make sure to follow these guidelines to give your book the best chance at being accepted for review.
  • In the subject line, please put "Review Request: {Title of Book}"
  • Include a synopsis of your book
  • Send me your website/author links
  • If you're open to interviews, please include that
  • If you have a deadline for the review, make sure to let me know in your email
  • Include the Amazon page for your book if it's published so I can read the sample
  • Submit your requests to